Podcasts About Acting and Theatre

Just like the page about acting books, this is a very personal list of my favourite podcasts on acting. In some cases, I have also listed the individual episodes that have stuck with me and that I found particularly inspiring. More to come later.

Everything Acting Podcast
Actors Theatre Workshop Podcast
Hinterviews with Peter Hinton

Everything Acting Podcast

This is one that I have been listening to for 3 years, and I never get tired of it. Because New York actors Roz Coleman and Darbi Worley are so giving to their audience, hearing their voices now feels to me like hearing the voices of good friends. And recently, they have brought on a new correspondent from L.A named Lynn Chenn. They are all working actors who have paid their dues. The stories that they share about the struggles and triumphs of being an actor; and their interviews with directors, actors, casting agents, and other professionals in show business really do fulfill their mission of informing, inspiring, and demystifying the actor’s journey.

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Some of the Episodes that Inspired Me

Note: The latest episode is always free, but you will need to buy the iPhone app to access the old episodes. It is $5.99, which allows you to stream any back episode for free. If you want to listen when you are not online, downloading costs $.99 per episode. In reverse chronological order:

Episode 117: Patricia Moreno Inspiring words from an intenSati teacher. IntenSati is a practice that combines a physical workout with mindfullness and affirmations.
Episode 116: Todd A. Kessler (Damages) Insight into the world of a top television screenwriter.
Episode 111: Make Your Own Way with Erin Stutland A great interview as usual and Erin Stutland’s story was really inspirational. Listen to the intro with Darbi in which she shares an artistic setback and how she got over it. This really touched me and has helped me when I feel


Episode 105: Oscar Nominee Viola Davis A role model. Stories that will inspire you and stay with you.
Episode 95: Make Your Own Way with Damien Bailey Story of an actor with financial troubles who wrote and starred in his own film. The film is called Big Wes and is hilarious. Bailey has gone on to make other films as a producer and director.
Episode 88: The Duplass Brothers (The Puffy Chair, Bag Head) Indie Filmmakers who really seem to value actors and who leave the door open for a lot of improvisation in their films.
Episode 29: Bonus Episode! Roz on “Indelible” Roz gives you the real scoop on what’s it’s like as a lead actor on an indie film set.
Episode 24: Bonus Episode with L.A. Actress Denice Sealy I loved listening to Denice. I found her words so encouraging and inspiring.
Episodes 1, 2, and 3 An introduction to the podcast and getting to know the hosts and their acting careers.

Actors Theatre Workshop Podcast

These are extracts from recordings of Thurman Scott, the artistic director of Actor’s Theatre Workshop in New York City talking to his students. Listening to these for the first time, I felt once again the real power of podcasting, how it can expand your world and let you experience something far away, in my case, on the other side of the continent, as if it were part of your own world closer to home. I really felt privileged to listen to these gems. In these short pieces, Thurman Scott speaks to the soul of the actor from the perspective of someone who has had a long and distinguished career in the theatre.

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Some of the Episodes that Inspired Me

Being Developed How being an actor and developing yourself as an actor can enrich your life and give your life meaning.
The Creative Flame How creativity comes from an energy that you have to channel. The same energy that feeds your creativity as an artist can wreak havoc in your life. Talks about taking responsibility for what you create and learning to live in a way that is consistent with the beauty of what you are creating.

Hinterviews with Peter Hinton

I consider this podcast the Canadian equivalent of the ATW Downstage Centre series for English-speaking Canadian theatre, drawing some very distinguished guests. Many of the interviews are by Peter Hinton, the artistic director of English theatre at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa.

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Some of the Episodes that Inspired Me

Celebrity Speakers – 13.11.2008 Paul Gross This interview with the famous Canadian actor, Paul Gross (Due South, Slings and Arrows, Men with Brooms) is one of my favourites. Gross gives great insights into the challenges of making it as an actor in Canada.
Celebrity Speakers – 14.01.2007 Martha Henry This is a very memorable interview with the great Canadian actor, Martha Henry. You will learn a lot about her as a person and artist and about her distinguished career in the theatre.